Sunday, November 2, 2008

jamboree from the eyes of a leader part 2

The scout leader should BELIEVE in the ideas of the jamboree...he/she should BELIEVE that a World Scout Jamboree holds plenty of educational and experiential lessons for the scouts which is beneficial for the growth of the scout in terms of training ?

What does this mean ?

In simple words, you believe that for the amount of money the scout is going to pay, its more than worth terms of education and experience lah!

There are some things scout training can only take so much...i.e. badgework etc etc. Scouts may get bored or even not motivated enough to do the logs and finish tests...

But throw in a jamboree (any jamboree lah..but better if WSJ), and the Scout gets a breath of fresh air and gives new meaning to scouting.

The WSJ widens the scout’s horizons...rather than he/she views scouting on troop/district/state level with usual activities....

Let the scout experience INTERNATIONAL experience. Different cultures. Different activities. A WSJ is a place where a scout is free to mingle with other scouts without fear of prejudice or discrimination.

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