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embassy address in malaysia & sweden

Embassy of Sweden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Postal address
Embassy of Sweden
P.O. Box 102 39
50708 Kuala Lumpur

Address (the building show on right)
Wisma Angkasa Raya, 6th floor
123 Jalan Ampang
Kuala Lumpur

Tel:+60-3-2052 2550
Fax:+60-3-2148 6325

Karlavagen 37
P.O.Box 26053




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financial planning for the 2011 wsj

Okay. Before we go into details on how to save up for the 2011 WSJ, it is worthwhile to look into the costs of previous jamborees.

2002/03 WSJ in Thailand
Jamboree Fee = USD 441 (approx RM 1700) – inclusive of food, camping fees, etc
Air Fare = (estimated approx RM 1200 at that time)
Contingent fees = RM300
Minimum Cost = RM 3200

2007 WSJ in UK
Jamboree Fee = UK Pound 378 (approx RM 2646) – inclusive of food, camping fees, etc
Air Fare = (estimated approx RM 3500 current price)
Contingent fees = RM350
Minimum Cost = RM 6496

So... How can we save up for 2011 ?

Simple things for simply scouting :

1. Discuss with your parents/scoutmaster about your plan to save up. I think this is the most important step. Tell them why you want to go..and what steps you going to take to save up. Then outline the steps you plan (examples are below) and review them every 2 weeks or every month for them to check your progress.

This is very important as this makes you have to report or be accountable to someone about your finances. More importantly, this will train you to be disciplined and serious in going to the jamboree.

2. Open a bank account if you don’t already have one. Make sure the bank account you plan to open is near to your home.

3. Set up a piggy bank or tabung to keep extra coins/money. Whenever you go out, you tend to have spare change in your pocket while returning from home. These money usually gets thrown somewhere...left in the sofa, on the floor, or even left in your trousers pocket only to be strewn away by the washing machine! Make it a habit to drop all these coins in to the tabung! Make sure this piggy bank is not easily opened or you will find yourself spending it all easily!

4. Set a goal how much to save each day..or each week for the jamboree. Yes the jamboree is far away ( you think)...But its not cheap either!
Let’s say set a goal of saving 25% of your allowance or pocket money you receive every week/month from your parents towards this goal. Or whatever percentage you think it’s realistic. Most importantly, you have to be consistent!
The problem with doing this is...MOTIVATION. We will talk about this another time.

5. Think of ways to reduce your spending..especially eating canteen etc. Make it a point to pack lunches 2 days a week ? or if possible everyday of the week! Of course canteen food is so tempting....hehe But you don’t have to spend money preparing snacks/food from home!

6. Find a part-time job during your holidays. Saving is a slow process..which you may not see the rewards only until after a long long time... Getting a part time job will teach you the value of money...that money doesn’t come easily..and will hopefully train you to be more thrifty!

7. Shopping...yes, we all need clothes our toys, books, games etc. Stop for a while..and can u get good bargains on all these ? Make it a habit only to buy during sale etc etc or only buy clothes/toys/books once a month. If you cannot control your temptation, try to reduce the times you go to shopping malls with your friends. Only go to malls with your parents if you want to buy stuff!

8. Watching movies can be very expensive if you do this every week... Try to go only with your family when u want to, or only go 1X a month ?

9. Persuasion and teasing. Your friends are your biggest influence in your life. What they wear, what they buy, what they do will impact on you. Your close friend may have bought a pair of Nike..or that new XBOX 360 game...

Your classmate may have shown to everyone the new Nokia N series handphone that she just had...

Yes ..very tempting... the thing is. It helps if you could talk to other like-minded friends who want to go to the jamboree..find out how they cope with temptation etc

Talk to your parents about this.

10. Handphone. Top Up and bills... Don’t send unnecessary text messages. Use a public phone if you have to... or use a housephone. Don’t spend hours on the handphone talking to someone if you could meet him/her in school or in tuition.

If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend...explain to him/her your intention to save up. If he/she is a scout..usually he/she will understand your intention of saving up and going to the jamboree, and even might join you in saving up. If not, maybe its better to get a new bf/gf!

Try using SKYPE or MSN chat if you really want to talk. Cheaper.

More tips to come.... (by FORAGE CAP @ 2008, DIS, PL4)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

if you want to know more about denmark

i have travel to denmark and sweden in year 2006, if you want to know something about these 2 countries, take a look of my previous posting :

denmark part 1
denmark part 2
denmark part 3
denmark part 4
denmark part 5
denmark part 6
denmark part 7

frequently asked questions part 1


A Jamboree is an event organized by Scouting for young people, where the Scout method and principles and adherence to the Scout Promise and Law are practiced according to the highest standards. It is a gathering of Scouts who wish to share the fellowship and brotherhood of World Scouting and, above all, to have fun! A Jamboree is the “mother of all activities” of a Scout’s life, something every dedicated Scout looks forward to and whose memories are cherished deeply afterward. In a Jamboree, Scouts expand their hearts and minds learning new things and discovering a rich assortment of novel experiences. Such a gathering requires all the basic services provided by a city – shelter, water, market, hospital, fire department, toilets and showers, garbage collection and disposal, etc. – with the exception of a prison!

An instant “tent city” blossoms on the site of an international Jamboree as ten to thirty thousand young people from all over the world troop in for a week of education, fellowship and fun with fellow Scouts. Their eager anticipation electrifies this self-ruled community, infecting everyone with a boundless enthusiasm regardless of what country they come from and the language they speak. The more diverse a Jamboree, the better! The diversity of races, religions and languages makes it more interesting for young people as it gives them the opportunity to interact and make friends with Scouts from other countries and to learn about different cultures.


A Jamboree is held to promote Scouting of the highest quality, one that is faithful to the mission, principles and method of Scouting and adapted to the needs and aspirations of young people.

A Jamboree whose participants come from different countries is organized to develop among Scouts the awareness that they belong to a world organization.

An international Jamboree shows the world the unity of the Scout Movement and promotes the image of a universal educational movement open to all young people, contributing to the development of young people to become better citizens of their local, national and international communities.

An international Jamboree gives young people a way to make friends with other Scouts from different backgrounds, develop greater understanding, tolerance and cooperation, or, as B-P said, “for Scouts to assume new responsibility for promoting peace and goodwill.”

An international Jamboree shows the strength and size of the Scout movement and promotes national pride among young people hosting this great event.


A Jamboree is organized for young people who are registered with national Scout organizations. The minimum age for participants in Jamborees should ordinarily be between 14 years and not more than 17 years old, though national or regional Jamborees may be held for younger members.

Because the Jamboree is an event for young people, the number of adult leaders should be strictly limited to camp duties only. They could be either Troop Leaders, or serve as members of the sub-camp staff, contingent staff, programme staff, etc. Past Jamborees have shown that the desirable proportion of adults to young people in a Jamboree should be an average of 1 adult per 9 youth members.


The 1st World Scout Jamboree held in London brought together 8,000 Scouts from 34 countries and showed the world what Scouting was and what Scouts could do. Since then, there have been 19 World Scout Jamborees held every four years. So far the quadrennial interval has been interrupted only twice: first, during the Second World War and, 1979, when the political turmoil in Iran caused the cancellation of the 15th World Scout Jamboree. Because of the size of the Asia-Pacific Region, Regional Scout Jamborees are usually held once a year, usually in conjunction with a national Jamboree. National Jamborees may be held every four years, depending on the policy of the national Scout organization.

Normally, a Jamboree lasts for seven days, which could extend up to ten days inclusive of arrival and departure. ………”


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our profile

as we have mentioned, this blog is created solely on our own initiative for awareness, promotion, gathered of information for the coming jamboree. we are simple, we want to pass our experience and knowledge of jamboree to whoever is interested and expose them to this international gathering.

we take this opportunity to introduce ourself to you in this blog. the picture shown from left is tracy, myself & jeff at the 20th world scout jamboree sattahip thailand.

tracy chee, consider as jamboree veteran by now as she has been with us to jamboree since she is a scout until now as a leader. she has participated in jamboree as a youth & as contingent staff in both world jamboree with malaysia contingent. we are yet to hear from her if she is going to sweden for the coming world jamboree or not......... we are still waiting for her reply.

tracy participated in the following jamboree:
  • 17th asia pacific jamboree, mount sorak korea in 1996
  • 12th nippon jamboree, akita japan 1998
  • 20th world scout jamboree thailand 2002
  • 21st world scout jamboree uk 2007

jeff chu, has been my jamboree buddy for long time since i am a scout. again from the 1st jamboree experience he participated, jeff will always try to participate in jamborees whenever he can. he has participated in jamboree as a youth, troop staff, international service staff, contingent staff as well as leading a contingent as contingent leader.

jeff participated in the following jamboree :
  • 5th malaysia national jamboree kelantan 1982
  • 1st asia pacific jamborella dandenong, australia 1984
  • 6th malaysia national jamboree, pahang 1986
  • 16th world jamboree, australia 1987
  • 7th malaysia national jamboree, perak 1989
  • 1st selangor jamboree 1990
  • 17th world jamboree, mount sorak korea 1991
  • 18th world jamboree, holland 1995
  • 2nd selangor jamboree 1996
  • 1st world winter jamboree, quebec canada 2000
  • 3rd selangor jamboree 2000
  • 20th world scout jamboree thailand 2002
  • 21st world scout jamboree uk 2007.
  • 11th malaysia national jamboree, negeri sembilan 2007
if you interested in knowing more about winter camping & jamboree, jeff is the one to answer you. jeff was the contingent leader leading the malaysia contingent of 10 scouts and leaders in year 2000, experiencing a -40 degree winter camp in quebec canada.

on average, a scout has a chance to participate in a jamboree is once in a life time as a youth participant. the different between as a youth participant & as a leader is that, youth participant can join in all the activities organised by the jamboree. whereby leader will often go there as a "babysitter" to babysit the scout, serve as staffs and will have selected activities for the leaders.

as for myself, i am eric chee, i have been participated in jamboree for long time since i am a scout & i am very lucky be able to participate in jamboree as youth participant for 3 times. the rest as a leader in various position and experience with the contingent or with the jamboree team.

i have been participated in jamboree as a youth, international service staff, jamboree staff, contingent staff as well as leading a contingent as contingent leader.

i have participated in the following jamboree :
  • 1st asia pacific jamborella dandenong, australia 1984
  • 2nd senior scout jamboree, cha-am thailand 1987
  • 16th world jamboree, australia 1987
  • 7th malaysia national jamboree, perak 1989
  • 8th malaysia national jamboree, sabah 1992
  • 18th world jamboree, holland 1995
  • 2nd selangor jamboree 1996
  • 17th asia pacific jamboree, mount sorak korea 1996
  • 9th malaysia national jamboree, trengganu 1997
  • 12th nippon jamboree, akita japan 1998
  • 3rd selangor jamboree 2000
  • pre world scout jamboree thailand 2001
  • 20th world scout jamboree thailand 2002
  • 21st world scout jamboree uk 2007

till then, we are here simply for scouting......................

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malaysia scouts to world scout jamboree

since the first world jamboree in 1920 UK, we have scouts and leaders participated in this world scout event from malaya/malaysia

from what i have gathered, we have scouts participated in 1st (uk), 7th (austria) & 10th (philippines) world jamboree.

then we have scouts participated in 12th (usa), 13th (japan), 14th (norway), 15th (canada), 16th (australia), 17th (korea), 18th (holland), 19th (chile), 20th (thailand) & 21st (uk).

now we are talking about 22nd world scout jamboree which is not far away from now.

so, be prepared......

initial route to 2011 world jamboree part 1

we have come up a few routes, all these are just initial idea.

we will fine tune it along with the traveling plan.

we have many other issue to consider before we finalise the confirm traveling route. we will starts contacting the various scouts organisation of the countries listed to advise us, help us in our planning.

we intend to travel and stay in the scout hall, scout hostel & bla bla bla.... & may be to conduct activities with local scout group. this will enable us to have more understanding of scouting in various countries.

please click on the various country name to find out some basic scouting information....

route one: austria - czech republic - ZHP poland - RdP germany - dds denmark - svenska sweden/jamboree - NSF norway/GSF finland(home hospitality)

route two: italy - austria - czech republic - poland - BdP germany - DBS denmark - KFUK-KFUM sweden/jamboree - KFUK-KFUM norway/finland(home hospitality)

route three : switzerland - austria - czech republic - poland - dpsg germany - faroese scout denmark - temperance guide & scout sweden/jamboree - norway/finland(home hospitality)

route four: poland - czech republic - VCP germany - KFUM denmark - FA scout sweden/jamboree - norway/finland(home hospitality)

route five: netherlands - germany - czech republic - poland - denmark - SMU scout sweden/jamboree - norway/finland(home hospitality)

route six: just jamboree & go home (this will not be our choice at all)

route seven: switzerland - austria - slovenia, croatia - hungrary- slovakia - poland - czech republic - BdP germany - DBS denmark - KFUK-KFUM sweden/jamboree - KFUK-KFUM norway/finland(home hospitality)

if you have any other better idea or suggestion, please email

basic information of simply scouting

what we have now for sure is:

What: The 22nd World Scout Jamboree

Where: Rinkaby, outside Kristianstad, Skåne, Sweden.

When: 27 July-7 August, 2011

Who: Scouts from all around the World. Participants between 14 and 17, and members of the International Service Team over 18.

Jamboree Dates More specifically:
July 25 2011 IST arrival day
July 27 2011 Participant arrival day
August 7 2011 Participant departure day
August 8 2011 IST departure day

for more information, please visit
2011 world scout jamboree sweden

this is the first jamboree newsletter, take a look
jamboree newsletter edition 1

the idea of simply scouting

last week 16th august 2008, few of us was having steamboat at kota damansara.

nice and yummy dinner, after that, we chit chat @ wang cafe kota damansara.

as usual, notebook is a must to have when sitting in a cafe. the topic of next world scout jamboree pop up. so, we started to talk about kar yew will be leading us to the next world jamboree. but looking at his current situation, we bet he will not go to the next world jamboree as well, not that anything bad happen to him, just that he will be a daddy soon. too bad la. kar yew, stay home & take care of your 3 years old kid by then.

may suan & james was talking about touring as many countries as possible. ya right. u slowly wait la. we also talk about visiting 20 to 30 countries when we go to 1995 holland world jamboree. is not greedy but is money money money.

then me & jeff was looking at the world map and get an idea of what countries we will target to visit when the time comes.

and we have the initial idea of the travel plan and countries that we going to visit.

this is just a guideline and we are now at initial stage & all suggestions are welcome.

anyone who like to join us for simply scouting in sweden, please email me @