Sunday, August 24, 2008

frequently asked questions part 1


A Jamboree is an event organized by Scouting for young people, where the Scout method and principles and adherence to the Scout Promise and Law are practiced according to the highest standards. It is a gathering of Scouts who wish to share the fellowship and brotherhood of World Scouting and, above all, to have fun! A Jamboree is the “mother of all activities” of a Scout’s life, something every dedicated Scout looks forward to and whose memories are cherished deeply afterward. In a Jamboree, Scouts expand their hearts and minds learning new things and discovering a rich assortment of novel experiences. Such a gathering requires all the basic services provided by a city – shelter, water, market, hospital, fire department, toilets and showers, garbage collection and disposal, etc. – with the exception of a prison!

An instant “tent city” blossoms on the site of an international Jamboree as ten to thirty thousand young people from all over the world troop in for a week of education, fellowship and fun with fellow Scouts. Their eager anticipation electrifies this self-ruled community, infecting everyone with a boundless enthusiasm regardless of what country they come from and the language they speak. The more diverse a Jamboree, the better! The diversity of races, religions and languages makes it more interesting for young people as it gives them the opportunity to interact and make friends with Scouts from other countries and to learn about different cultures.


A Jamboree is held to promote Scouting of the highest quality, one that is faithful to the mission, principles and method of Scouting and adapted to the needs and aspirations of young people.

A Jamboree whose participants come from different countries is organized to develop among Scouts the awareness that they belong to a world organization.

An international Jamboree shows the world the unity of the Scout Movement and promotes the image of a universal educational movement open to all young people, contributing to the development of young people to become better citizens of their local, national and international communities.

An international Jamboree gives young people a way to make friends with other Scouts from different backgrounds, develop greater understanding, tolerance and cooperation, or, as B-P said, “for Scouts to assume new responsibility for promoting peace and goodwill.”

An international Jamboree shows the strength and size of the Scout movement and promotes national pride among young people hosting this great event.


A Jamboree is organized for young people who are registered with national Scout organizations. The minimum age for participants in Jamborees should ordinarily be between 14 years and not more than 17 years old, though national or regional Jamborees may be held for younger members.

Because the Jamboree is an event for young people, the number of adult leaders should be strictly limited to camp duties only. They could be either Troop Leaders, or serve as members of the sub-camp staff, contingent staff, programme staff, etc. Past Jamborees have shown that the desirable proportion of adults to young people in a Jamboree should be an average of 1 adult per 9 youth members.


The 1st World Scout Jamboree held in London brought together 8,000 Scouts from 34 countries and showed the world what Scouting was and what Scouts could do. Since then, there have been 19 World Scout Jamborees held every four years. So far the quadrennial interval has been interrupted only twice: first, during the Second World War and, 1979, when the political turmoil in Iran caused the cancellation of the 15th World Scout Jamboree. Because of the size of the Asia-Pacific Region, Regional Scout Jamborees are usually held once a year, usually in conjunction with a national Jamboree. National Jamborees may be held every four years, depending on the policy of the national Scout organization.

Normally, a Jamboree lasts for seven days, which could extend up to ten days inclusive of arrival and departure. ………”


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