Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the idea of simply scouting

last week 16th august 2008, few of us was having steamboat at kota damansara.

nice and yummy dinner, after that, we chit chat @ wang cafe kota damansara.

as usual, notebook is a must to have when sitting in a cafe. the topic of next world scout jamboree pop up. so, we started to talk about kar yew will be leading us to the next world jamboree. but looking at his current situation, we bet he will not go to the next world jamboree as well, not that anything bad happen to him, just that he will be a daddy soon. too bad la. kar yew, stay home & take care of your 3 years old kid by then.

may suan & james was talking about touring as many countries as possible. ya right. u slowly wait la. we also talk about visiting 20 to 30 countries when we go to 1995 holland world jamboree. is not greedy but is money money money.

then me & jeff was looking at the world map and get an idea of what countries we will target to visit when the time comes.

and we have the initial idea of the travel plan and countries that we going to visit.

this is just a guideline and we are now at initial stage & all suggestions are welcome.

anyone who like to join us for simply scouting in sweden, please email me @


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