Saturday, November 1, 2008

again.... why go jamborees part 2


A lot of the activities in a WSJ are really challenging. Its a good idea to finish up your scout badges to the highest level (King Scout of course).


Badgework teaches you character and skill.
Skills especially needed to function in a jamboree.

When a scout is going a jamboree, he/she is expected to having a good standard of skill i.e. he/she is capable of setting up a stable tent (that doesn’t collapse or leak rain), cook good delicious meals (decent isn’t good enough..thats why we have TUKANG MASAK tests), and even some basic pioneering.

And chances are, the Malaysian Contingent will set a standard i.e. Seniro Scout should complete 5 seniro badges before going to jamboree... please don’t chase badges ONLY to go jofr jamboree i.e. in 2011, you are form 5, then only you start doing JAYADIRI and so on so forth...

(tips by FORAGECAP @2008. DIS, PL4)

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