Saturday, November 1, 2008

again.... why go jamborees part 1

Do you know why you want to go to the World Scout Jamboree ?

Ok, let’s say you know all the details i.e. the date, the place etc etc
The question is what should you do ... NOW


Jamboree is not cheap. The Jamboree (camp) fee for last World Scout Jamboree was nearly RM 4000. Add to this your airflight (referring to last year’s WSJ flight from Malaysia-UK) is around RM 4000 also.

this time, its in Sweden. And no direct flight there.

Let’s put the estimate to be RM 8000 for now. (will most probably be more)

We haven’t included pocket money for souvenirs. Don’t worry you won’t starve there as food is provided (included in your jamboree fee)

Save UP!

How to save up ? There’s some good tips by a scout leader here at this site :

Its a start. So Start now.

(tips by FORAGECAP @2008. DIS, PL4)

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