Wednesday, October 15, 2008

world scout jamboree bulletin 1 part 3

The Jamboree Programme

The Jamboree programme encompasses everything at the World Scout Jamboree.
The Scouts will experience the 22nd World Scout Jamboree through five areas:
subcamp life, module activities, common areas, arena events and Camp in Camp.

Subcamp Life
Subcamps are the homes of the Scouts at the Jamboree. This is where most of the everyday camp life takes place; sleeping, cooking, cleaning etc. At the World Scout Jamboree, Scouts will have the tools to create their own home and plenty of time for subcamp life. The close environment of a subcamp makes it easier to get to know new friends from other countries and to build genuine understanding of each other. At the 22nd World Scout Jamboree all subcamps will have their own place to “hang around” with a small café, campfire circle, unscheduled activities, etc. Subcamp life makes it possible for each Scout to influence and create his or her own Jamboree experience.

Module Activities
The module activities aim to give the Scouts knowledge and tools relevant to the needs of young people in the world today. Here, National Scout Organisations, non-governmental organisations and others gather their expertise to make fun, educational and challenging activities.

The module activities will include programme focusing on sharing of cultures, the environment,
sustainable development, social engagement, global development issues, respect for oneself and for others, health, community development, peace and much more. The activities will use the patrol as an important entity and aim at being very active.

Common Areas
Everything outside the subcamps and scheduled activity areas are Common Areas; common to share for everyone at the Jamboree. Common Areas are designed to facilitate meetings and there will be, for example, cafés, unscheduled activities, exhibitions and also specific space for spiritual programme and religious practise.

Arena Events
At the 22nd World Scout Jamboree there will be three big arena events: the Opening Ceremony, a major event in the middle of the Jamboree, and the Closing Ceremony. These are events where the audience members are not merely spectators but play an important interactive part.

Camp in Camp
For a few days, 100-200 Scouts will take part in a smaller camp away from the main camp area. This “Camp in Camp” will give each and every one of the participating Scouts a chance to experience nature and small scale camping, Swedish style. This will be an opportunity for getting to know a smaller group of new friends.

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