Wednesday, October 15, 2008

world scout jamboree bulletin 1 part 2

Within the idea of Simply Scouting, there are three key concepts for the World Scout Jamboree in Sweden: meetings, nature and solidarity.

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree is organised to encourage meetings: meetings across cultures, characters, interests, religions, countries, continents and more. Everything at the Jamboree will take this into consideration; from module activities to subcamp life, from small camp fires to huge arena events. As well as the programme, the actual Jamboree site will be designed to create meeting places and the Jamboree schedule will include plenty of time for spontaneous meetings.

A World Scout Jamboree in Sweden means being close to nature. Outdoor life is very accessible in Sweden and it is an important part of Swedish culture. For Swedish Scouting, the challenge of living outdoors with nature is also a tool in the Scout method. Closeness to nature also reveals the vulnerability of our environment. Wherever possible across the Jamboree, we will demonstrate sustainable environmental practice. The programme will especially focus on giving young people tools to take action for the environment.

Solidarity means being a part of the global Scout Movement. At the Jamboree, we all share values and common goals: the development of young people for life.

Solidarity means recognising connections between peoples and how dependent we are on each other. The Jamboree will emphasise the common responsibility we have to our world and to each other.

Solidarity encompasses how we treat other people, and includes respect, equal rights and peace. At the World Scout Jamboree, all are equal, independent of any personal characteristics or background. These issues will also be explored in many of the Jamboree activities.

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