Monday, September 8, 2008

21st world scout jamboree photos ..... part two

tracy took a picture with who ??? guess ?

his name is michael baden powell, the grandson of lord baden powell. michael is living in australia now. i 1st met michael baden powell in 1987 16th world jamboree in cataract scout park when i am just a senior scout.

when micheal came in to our hq and left the tent, i told them, do you know who you missed just now? many of them said don't know. only then they chase after michael and grab him back and take a picture. hehehe..... cheers

this cool gentlement who took a picture with me is from nz(sorry that i cannot recall his name) but i know why he is there for the jamboree.

he is there to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1957 world jamboree held in uk.

he also has a mission, in 1957, when he camp in the jamboree, he took home with the metal plate number "138" and now after 50 years, he intend to serrender back to uk. this metal plate is the camp area number for the nz contingent.

please view the metal plate....

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only now i know you have another shirt sew with malaysia contingent logo.